Would You Survive Oregon Trail 5?

Oregon Trail is a classic educational computer game. In 2001, the 5th Edition was released. It mixes skill building with a little bit of historical and geographical knowledge, and some animated scenes.

Are you a fan of Oregon Trail, 5th edition? Do you know how deep a river has to be before you can caulk your wagon and float across it? Have you met Nicholas J Tillman? Can you survive the perilous computerized journey across thousands of miles of deserts, plains, mountains, and raging rivers?

Created by: ADalton
  1. Would you take advice from Nick Tillman?
  2. How much does it cost to hire someone to raft you down the Columbia River?
  3. About what time should you reach Independence Rock?
  4. You should not ford a river if it is deeper than...
  5. You have a chance to buy supplies when you are running low. Do you....
  6. Someone in your party is sick, and you don't have medicine. No one has medicine to trade. You...
  7. If you are a Trail Guide, does the game end when you are fired?
  8. Which of these trips is the longest?
  9. Which firearm is the most effective?
  10. You are crossing Forty Mile Desert in the summer. You travel....
  11. You have reached Oregon City, but everyone else in your party is dead. Your morale is high. You get...

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