Would You Survive Babysitting?

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This quiz is about if you can survive babysitting the Finleys, which you've never babysat before. You are babysitting two kids: a girl and a boy. The girls' name is Sara, and the boys' name is Josh. Their parents went to take a day trip to The Grand Canyon, so they hired you to watch their kids. Their parents will be back home at 4:30AM.

TO TAKE THIS QUIZ YOU MUST KNOW THIS INFO: Sara is 6 and Josh is 8. Sara takes a nap at 3:00AM to 3:30AM and they both have a snack at 4:00AM. They are limited to only 2 hours of screen time (Tablets, Computers, Phones, and Nintendo) and they do not like broccoli, salmon, blackberries, and brussel sprouts. They love PB&J, strawberries, apples and peanut butter, cod, and ice cream. They can have 3 hours of TV, and their parents said that they have to spend at least 1 hour outside (If it's not raining). They both go to bed at 8:30AM but only sleep if they have a bedtime story. Sara sometimes wets the bed. Josh can bathe himself, but Sara can't.

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  1. What do you bring in your bag to the house?
  2. You have just arrived at the Finley family's' house. The kids want to watch some TV.
  3. The kids are begging to play some games on their tablets.
  4. It's lunch time, what do you make?
  5. The kids eat their lunch, and Sara wants you to play dolls with her, but Josh wants you to play LEGOS with him.
  6. When you're done playing, (if you didn't play that's OK) you tell the kids it's time to go outside, but they don't want to go.
  7. After you went outside, you tell the kids to hang tight while you go and use the bathroom. You walk out to see that they have colored all over the walls. What do you do?
  8. It's 3:00, and Sara looks tired.
  9. After Sara naps, (If she didn't that's OK) they both look gross from being outside.
  10. The kids want to watch more TV.
  11. It's 4:00, and the kids really want some food.
  12. After a few hours of playing, it is 7:00. They can have a movie night, and you say yes. What is the movie and the rating?
  13. It's time for bed, what story do you read the kids?
  14. It's 11:45PM, and Sara comes into the living room to tell you that she wet the bed.

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