Discover Your Personality Type: Are You Patient With Kids?

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In this quiz, you discover whether or not you are good with kids, and maybe even if you could pursue a career in child care. This quiz would be ideal if you babysit often, or if you have multiple little brothers or sisters.

POV: You are a 15-year-old babysitter, and you are babysitting a two little girls called Millie and Amelia. Millie is 4 and Amelia is 5. Mr. and Mrs. Oak, their parents, have told you specifically that Millie is gluten free and Amelia gets moody when she has too much time on screens. You must babysit these two from 2-5, while still dealing with your nana (who knows nothing about devices) and your little brother, Kai, who you must also look after (he's 5). Mr. and Mrs. Oak are at a relative's marriage.

Created by: We1rd0_Gurl

  1. Kai releases himself from your grip, and runs into the Oak's house. You let him run, you know he won't do any actual damage. Mrs. Oak smiles at you and tells you information about the two girls you're babysitting, but you're not listening. Those two will be absolute dears! When Mr. and Mrs. Oak are gone, Millie screams, 'Where's mummy and daddy! Who are you?!'
  2. Amelia starts holding onto your leg and no matter how much you shake you leg, she holds her grip and giggles. Millie does the same and you roll your eyes, then make your way to make lunch. 'Whatya doing?' Amelia asks.
  3. Millie gets the Nutella from the pantry, and holds it up hopefully. 'Mummy and daddy don't let me have this. Can I??? Pleeeeease?!'
  4. After you make lunch, you let the girls eat it, and Kai runs over with scissors and a doll. 'I'm gonna cut this doll's hair off!' he shouted triumphantly. Millie starts screaming, and wails, 'that's my dolly! Give me my dolly!' They start fighting. What do you do?
  5. 10 minutes later, while you are watching Play School with Millie and Kai, Amelia sits next to you and asks to go to the park. Kai starts wailing, complaining that he doesn't want to. Millie says she doesn't mind what we do, as long as she can still hug her dolly. Mr. and Mrs. Oak told you that Amelia is quite reckless when around play equipment, often falling off. What do you decide?
  6. You turn your back for 10 seconds, and the next thing you know, Kai has pushed Millie off the swing, and Millie is crying. Amelia is now wailing because she's stuck at the top of the climbing frame. What do you do?
  7. You get back to the Oak's house, and Millie looks tired. Its 3:30, and you remember Mrs. Oak telling you to put Millie to sleep at 4:00 and Amelia at 5:00. What do you do?
  8. At 4:05, Amelia starts crying for no apparent reason. She's been wailing for 5 minutes now. You're getting severely annoyed and you think you might go deaf soon. What do you do?
  9. How frustrated are you so far?
  10. You've realized Kai has drawn all over the walls! Not only that, he's drawn some quite rude images too! What is your reaction?
  11. 5:00 finally comes, and Mr. and Mrs. Oak are home! What do you do?

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Quiz topic: Discover my Personality Type: am I Patient With Kids?