Would you survive as a warrior cat or not

Are you a true warrior or are you going to die so soon, not many cats survive so, do you think you could or not young 'un? Try this and see, will you survive or die?

Are you warrior quality? To lead a great and nobel death? To be an evil cat and die in the darkness? To move to the elders den and spend all your days happy and joyful? Find out!

Created by: Yumm44

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are on patrol and spot a fox den, what do you do
  2. You are in the thick of battle and see a weak opposing cat. what do you do
  3. a clanmate died, you didnt really like her but she was still a clanmate, what do you do
  4. one of your kits die as an apprentice, what do you do
  5. the dark forest comes to you in a dream for traning, what do you do
  6. You dont tend to make friends in your Clan so your best friend is in an opposing Clan, you meet him on a patrol and your clanmate is about to attack what do you do (BTW your friend is trespassing)
  7. Your mate is dying, either you can risk your life or leave, what do you do.
  8. What do you prefer
  9. What is your biggest ambition
  10. What Clan would you love

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