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  • I can't even WATCH a horror movie without wetting my pants and puking in the popcorn. Last night I was up late a my BFF, lexi's, watching Annabelle. Lexi and Haley, my other BFF, were laughing!!!! Then came a scary part. Haley gasped as Lexi screamed. I screamed louder and suddenly felt the familer feeling of warm liquid trickle down my leg! I looked down, I had a growing wet spot on my pajamas! Lexi and Haley laughed their heads off as I tried to stop the warm flow of pee as it ran down my legs!!! I got up and started potty dancing up the stairs. Lexi and Haley paused the movie and followed me, potty dancing was stopping the flow, but I was still leaking big drops. I was dancing toward the bathroom door. Almost there!!! Potty dance wasn't helping anymore so I was peeing like I never had before. Haley laughed and laughed. Lexi laughed too. I potty danced in one spot as the pee rushed out of me and soaked me and the carpet. Lexi and Haley were rolling on the floor, giggling like crazy! Haley started to pee from laughing so hard, but stopped herself before she made a puddle, Lexi did make a puddle! Lexi stopped laughing! "Oh no! These are my favorite pjs!" She cried. "They'll wash out!" Haley laughed, peeing more. Some of it was leaking down and running down her legs!!!! I was still peeing, a huge puddle at my feet, and I was still peeing! I wasn't even halfway done yet by the time Haley and Lexi were finished. I peed for a full twelve minutes, my puddle was huge! And by huge, I mean HUGE!!! Gigantic! When I was done, I smiled. We got back to Annabelle, at another scary part, i puked in the popcorn bucket.

  • Your Result: You live! 85%

    You have the nerves of steel and cunning intellect to survive the confusing death chaos. You don't back down in the face of something terrifying you puff out your chest and spit in its face. GRRR!


  • I live :D I would bring lots of weapons and be ready to kill >:D

  • 85% You Live!

    See! Those movies payed off big time I live!And my mom said i wach too much horror movies!

  • I would live!!!!! I would be ready to shoot and not sleep because I never sleep so......yeah.

  • I can't die! I mean o.k mabe I wiuld feak out alot and run away but really? I would take my gun and shot him in the back!

    bla city
  • This Quiz Is FU**ING GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bloody vampire or w/e is gay cuz i liked it. he must have died.


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