Would you save the world?

The end of the world is going to come, no-one knows when, but it could be soon, and if it happens, theres a 50\50 chance of a hero, would it be you? proberly

Would you survive a hero die a hero, survive not a hero, save one person or be screwed, thake this quiz, in a couple of minutes you'll find out, good luck!

Created by: Dylan
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  1. You find out a hurricane is striking the world, what do you do?
  2. After the hurricane, your house is safe, but others are tottalled, you go out to help, but then theres a tornado, what do you do?
  3. the tornado stops, then starts again, its the eye of it, and its much stronger, your house is destroyed, what do you do?
  4. The tornado stops, then theres a flood in new zealand, its destroyed, everyone dies, do you live in new zealand?
  5. There is soon a volcano eruption in America, and thats destroyed second, do you live in America
  6. Every land exept Austrailia is destroyed, and your country is getting destroyed, theres a Drought in Austrailia, but your plane can survive, and there is survivers in Austrailia, do you go?
  7. If you took a plane, you probaly lived, so click on +, but if you clicked no to save your land, what do you do?
  8. Now, heres the intresting part, the news goes on saying that there are zombies outside the Earth thats making the world end, do you try and save the world?
  9. how do you get in space?
  10. no matter what you did, your on the spaceship, when you get in, what weopons do you have?
  11. once you get to the leader base, you discover a trap, the door opens trying to suck you in to space! quickly, what do you do?!
  12. you find the leader, and you defeat him, but there sending an astroid! you got to stop it, what do you do?
  13. The world explodes when the metorite hits it, what do you think
  14. im going to make a part 2, and it ahs different disators, diffrent quistions, and this time, you cannot leave earth!

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