Would you rather quiz

This is a would you rather quiz, like camping games. I just made the quiz because I was bored. The quiz is about gross would you rather answers.

Are YOU a would you rather master? What I mean by that is if those answers happened in real life, you will be prepared to do the things you just answered!

Created by: Beautiful123

  1. Would you rather sleep with a snake or use a skunks fart as perfume?
  2. Would you rather have eye surgery or armpit surgery?
  3. Would you rather murder your elderly grandma or murder your mom?
  4. Would you rather go skydiving or go to the opera?
  5. Would you rather break your arm or break your leg?
  6. Would you rather be friends with Ariana grande or be friends with Demi Lovato?
  7. Would you rather have an action packed life or a simple, grand life?
  8. Would you rather be Elsa or Anna?
  9. If you were stranded on an island after a big plane crash with your family, who would you rather eat first?
  10. Would you rather have a blue cat or a pink puppy?
  11. Would you rather have green skin or yellow skin?
  12. Would you rather eat Chick-Fil-A for the rest of your life or eat Olive Garden for the rest of your life?
  13. Would you rather have nerdy glasses or braces?
  14. Would you rather have P.E. class for 5 hours or have music class for 4 hours?
  15. Would you rather rate the quiz or comment the quiz?

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