would you rather...

I just made this quiz for fun (I was bored)... it is a random would you rather quiz. some of these questions will be very hard, while others will be very easy.

I really hate these paragraphs... anyway... This would you rather quiz tells you how much like me you are. I don't know what else to put, but I have to put something, so here you go: bananas... lol

Created by: Faith

  1. would you rather have uncontrollable x-ray vision or have uncontrollable laser vision?
  2. would you rather have uncontrollable arms or uncontrollable facial expressions?
  3. would you rather kill Barney or Elmo?
  4. would you rather involuntary laugh when someone is mourning over a death or involuntary make a disgusted face when someone talks about or shows you their children?
  5. would you rather be a midget or eight feet tall?
  6. would you rather be eaten alive or boiled alive
  7. would you rather have five million bucks a years or one thousand bucks every five months
  8. would you rather starve or eat bugs
  9. would you rather live in a house made of cereal boxes or eat rice krispies for the rest of your life?
  10. would you rather listen to Justin Beiber or Rebecca Black
  11. would you rather comment or rate this quiz?
  12. would you rather rate this quiz high or low?

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