would you rather?

hello there. i am back once again for a new quiz. this one is a would you rather. these questions are really embarrassing so please, tell me more would you rather questions.

also, tell me what quiz to do next. also because some of you like a really embarrassing challenge, tell me if you did any of these things (not counting the one's that are impossible)

Created by: silverlightning985
  1. would you rather:each time you go to your aunts house you have to wear and use a diaper or have each time you go to your friends house you have to wear and use a diaper, but you also have to sleep in a crib (at night, your friend changes you)
  2. would you rather:live at the fnaf pizzeria as a animatronic, but have to wear a diaper or live at the slender mansion as a creepypasta but have to wear a diaper.
  3. would you rather:publish your diary or make a movie of your most embarrassing moments.
  4. would you rather: be able to move things with your mind, but pee yourself each time you use it or have the ability to fly, but have to be naked.
  5. would you rather:go about your normal day naked or go about your normal day in a diaper but get changed by every other stranger you meet for 2 days
  6. would you rather:walk naked down a empty street in the middle of winter or in a crowd of people in the middle of summer
  7. would you rather:have your underwear pulled down in front of 1000 people, or have your pants pulled down in front of 5000 people
  8. would you rather:would u rather , pee in your pants on live TV , or be on the cover of the newspaper in no pants.
  9. would u rather , be TOTALLY stripped in front of 100 people , or be TOTALLY stripped and then spanked in front of 50 people
  10. what form of punishment would you rather get
  11. what quiz would you rather me do next. (no effect)
  12. bye

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