Would you pass as me?

So don't yuh just wonder how much you have in common with me, a random stranger? Well you should ya know, so if yuh do just take my quiz right here and find the answers for yuhrself! :) enjoyy!

So, are we annnnything alike? Like anything at all? Wel i dont know, and neither do you, but this quuiz right here does. Have fun taking it! (:

Created by: HPFreak123567

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  1. Are you a girl or guy?
  2. Favorite drink?
  3. do yuh like reading?
  4. what grades do yuh make?
  5. what color hair do you have?
  6. eye color?
  7. what grade are you in?
  8. favorite food?
  9. how tall are you?
  10. how much do yuh weigh?
  11. how much do yuh weigh?
  12. do you like traveling?
  13. Which are you?

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