Which stranger things Character R U?

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Are you wondering what Stranger Things character you are?Are you obsessed with role play and need to know?well then my friend This is The Perfect quiz for you!

Do you want to play Stranger Things games with your friends?Do you really wish you new if you should eat twenty boxes of waffles strate down?Well you have come to the write place!

Created by: Dragon 11

  1. What color is ur hair?
  2. What clothes
  3. You find a polliwog what do ya do with it?
  4. The Demogorgons Coming what to do?
  5. Your about to die what do you say
  6. Which Lord Of The Rings Charater?
  7. Which Doctor Who Character?
  8. What Color
  9. Which name for 011?
  10. What food?

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