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  • 50% kewl...

    SoulLegends Feb 28 '09, 4:51PM
  • I got 46% by the way, why do i have to be Palkia? I hate Palkia! I like Dialga better!

    makeup123 Feb 28 '09, 4:22PM
  • 45% umm...not bad...

    Netto PP Feb 27 '09, 12:38PM
  • Your chance of beeting me is 53%

    Wow. So, you must be like, mmm, maybe, 23 years of age! Well, a 10 years old duh! You'd be able to take me down! My brother is 29 & he makes me pop my neck. Glad he lives in a diffrent state though!

    I'm 17...not 23, but ppl do say I act older than I look. lol

    Sarah Soda Slim Feb 27 '09, 11:48AM
  • yurmom, PLEASE stop following me on EVERY mistake! Jackcal Chistal! Giraffe! mommy, can u stop making FUN OF ME! well, U are a dies grace to NATURE! AhHHHH! I mite b 10, even my REAL mom says im acting like add a lesoones!

    blackwolf133 Feb 26 '09, 9:08PM
  • Your chance of beeting me is 68%

    Please stay AWAY from me. OK. I mean, you are a little threat, because, you can take me down, but you wouldn't hurt as in go to the hospital or kill me. You would at least have a 85% averge to do THAT!

    yes i new it

    hip hop Feb 26 '09, 7:48PM
  • 67% nice quizo!

    NBBwolff Feb 26 '09, 6:58PM
  • "mar shell arts"?

    you, sir, are a "deis grace"

    yurmom Feb 26 '09, 6:43PM
  • a 39% of beating my self! AH! Wow!

    blackwolf133 Feb 26 '09, 5:49PM

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