Would you help for Cancer?

almost 5 of 10 people have cancer. A person is dying every second,every minute of every day.No one can help that the cancer goes around. i dont think its fair that people-inocent people die each and every day

Cancer is a very-one of the most common diseases and people ask "whats the cure" THERE IS NO CURE BUT TO STAY STRONG AND BRAVE. its so sad that they have to stay in bed all day and to wait to see if they die or not. if i could i would heal every person. but im not God. please comment

Created by: Harrysgirl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. if you could help with cancer would u
  2. do u think that different kinds of cancers are fair
  3. if you could give money, how much would you give (even if yer not rich)
  4. they say " you have long hair. cut it off and give it to people in need" you say...
  5. do u think this quiz is awesome so far
  6. if you could, would you give your life for them
  7. will you coment and rate
  8. would u cry if you saw a cancer patient
  9. whats your fav. color (doesnt count)
  10. do u watch adventure time (doesnt count either)

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