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  • I was in a all girls private school which SUCKED. The school had a humungo name and my tution each month was $300. My uniform was hideous, and even the teachers agreed. I couldn't bear that place, and there were a lot more bullies. But, the older girls sometimes wore make-up, and they were incredibly emotional. Are all private schools like that? Or was it just mine?

  • Ok.... so wat if you won't fit in.... the worst that could happen is.... Well you won't fit in... Please don't start crying... Just one thing... STAY WHERE U R!

    stay where i am is in private school. i am in private schoo this vey second. i think you're rather off the mark with the less bullying thing though. i should know

  • Stay where I am? I want 2 go to public/private school. Anything. I just detest Homeschooling.

  • Hello? I got 0% and I DO go to an all-girls, uniformed private school. This quiz is kind of offensive.

  • I agree with Dark Vampire. it is a few more schools like that.


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