would you fit in with my school

there are alot of kids at my school, could you fit in and be one of the many yellow jackets. whats a yellow jacket you ask.well, a yellow jacket is what our football teams name is!

are YOU a yellow jacket? well take this tast and find out. would you be a loner with a lot of other kids or a prep wannabe. take my quiz and find out.

Created by: kelbylover

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what kind of clothes do you wear
  2. do you have alot of money (be honest)
  3. do guys really like you (again be honest)
  4. why did you take this quiz
  5. half way done!
  6. i ran out of questions damn
  7. do you like football (its big at my school
  8. these ones have no effect till the end of the quiz okay
  9. do you like my quiz
  10. are you bored (i am)

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