Would you be liked at my school?

Would you be liked at my school? there are many people I know who are not, but what about you? Do you have what it takes to be the most popular person in the school?

At my school, how you act is very important. Do you think you are liked? Let's hope you're not like the kid no one likes, but the kid everyone likes!

Created by: fan_of_red_dwarf
  1. Do you always have the same sweater or shirt on?
  2. Do you wear the sweater opened or closed?
  3. Do you constantly want attention from other people?
  4. Do you talk about yourself all of the time?
  5. Do you get into other people's personal space?
  6. Do you talk to other people?
  7. Do you have an odd hair colour?
  8. Does your hair look greasy or dirty?
  9. Do you annoy people or do people tell you that you are annoying and to leave them alone?
  10. Are you told to go away almost everyday?

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