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  • hahaha, Snape is so deliciously evil... and yet... hes not evil! does that make any sense to you???? :)

    Devious Sep 17 '11, 12:54AM
  • lol i hate james but dont be so mean to lilly, BUT LILLY HAS BAD TASTE IN MEN!

    iceblue22 Jul 30 '11, 7:12PM
  • HAWAY! Sev's gonna marry me! take that evans! U LOST UR CHANCE SO SUCK I9T UP BUTTERCUP! UR DEAD! . . . . *crys* so is sev :( aw well, ill just read the books when he DOESN'T die

    15jakubes Jun 8 '11, 6:06PM
  • hehe i love it!

    Toots Apr 8 '11, 5:52AM
  • i got hermiopne.

    blackwolf133 Mar 7 '09, 1:33PM
  • Random but funny.

    XD_doodler_XD Mar 7 '09, 2:16AM

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