Would you date Rhett or Link?

Which one would you date from GMM, Rhett or Link? take the quiz and see!!!! trust me its fun! go! take the quiz! whatever, fine read a little more!!!!

So you did read more. I Have a crush on Rhett and Link, but mostley Rhett. i am taking my own quiz! i hope get Rhett! and i hope you get who you want!

Created by: Mrs.Sparrow

  1. What do you were more often?
  2. Do you want things to be in order or perfect?
  3. Do you want to spin the wheel of mythicality?
  4. Do you use big vocab?
  5. are you pretty child like?
  6. How do you like your hair?
  7. are you insane?
  8. how many kids would you want or do have?
  9. Do you have a bad back?
  10. Are your parents split?

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