Would you date me?(For Girls Only)

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I did this for the hell of it but ig if your cereal then ig comment or like do something so I can contact you?? I’m sorry if that sounded f---ing creepy

Idk what this box is for this is my first time doing this so like ig Blah Blah so how was today going? Good yea I hope so. Mine was alright. How about your parents they alright? Good to hear if it’s good bad to hear if it’s bad

Created by: imightbemadefunof
  1. How Old are you?(This is made in 2018,so keep in mind)
  2. What’s Your personality?
  3. What’re grades?
  4. Do you like memes or messed up humor
  5. Music taste?
  6. What’s you’re perfect date?
  7. How tall are ya
  8. What’s your dream job?
  9. Does race matter
  10. Are you doing this for the hell of it or are you actually?
  11. Are you a gamer girl or furry?
  12. I actually like rock so like what’s your favorite band. Idk dudet.

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