Would you date me?

there are many pretty girls that want to be my girlfriend, but few of them are my type or hawe the personality i like, they dont hawe the style or personality to be my girlfriend.

do YOU want to know if i would take you as my girlfriend? do you hawe the style and personality i want? well dont just sit there and read this. DO THIS TEST.

Created by: snoo_pis@hotmail.com

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you do on our date?
  2. if you had a boyfriend and he dumped you. Would you
  3. if i was your boyfriend. would you be only mine and no one elses?
  4. what kind of girl are you?
  5. would you like that i smoked?
  6. what do you like me to be?
  7. what music do you like?
  8. you alredy hawe a boyfriend. What would you do if i kissed you then?
  9. what do you like most with a guy?
  10. would you tell enyone that i was doing drugs?

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