Would you D.I.Y or DIE?

This is to see your survival skills basicly. Can you survive the wild! Will you be a DIY or will you DIE? Please answer truthfully for best results! Please don't cheat because NOBODY likes cheaters! Enjoy! (The 2nd paragraph is not needed so ignor it.)

You didn't listen. Why'd you do something like this? Hmmmmm? Tell me in the comments because I have no life! And I am a taco from a café. This paragraph is not needed WHATSOEVER!I now haz a neice. Her name is Tenille.

Created by: Say wha

  1. Do YOU like to cook from scratch?
  2. Do you relie on wifi?
  3. Are you on medication? (Vitamiins don't count.)
  4. Are you prepared? (If you truely are you'll know what to put.)
  5. Do you like to eat wild edible plants? (Like dandelions, plantain and clovers.)
  6. Do you like to hunt? (Animal hunting, fishing or picking/harvesting foods.)
  7. Do you know about wild medicinal plants?
  8. Do you know how to make lip balm/chap stick?
  9. Can you sew? (Gardening and/or stichery.)
  10. Can you carve? (Like spoons,knives,bowls and/or forks?
  11. Can/could you relie on nature ONLY?
  12. Are you lazy?
  13. Can/could you make a house from complete scratch? (With no instructions.)
  14. Do you depend on fashion?
  15. Are you quick?
  16. Are you cautious?
  17. Are you easily startled?
  18. Do you have good memory?
  19. Are you a hard worker?
  20. Are you afraid of the dark? (Please be honest! I slept with a night-light 'til I was 10.)
  21. Thanks!

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