How good of a drawer are you?

There are LOTS of drawers everywhere. But who is good? Just like any activity, art requires skill. This quiz has everything you need to know to find out how good of an artist you are. Well, that is the end of paragraph one.

This quiz has the best results if you answer truthfully. So don't lie! All you do is answer the questions, wait for your answer to load and read it. I really do not want to offend anyone. But if it is so bad you can scare Bloody Mary, you might want to keep going. What? Well, you can keep her away! If it makes people puke, STOP! I hope you enjoy my quiz.

Created by: Dude
  1. What "ly" amount do you draw?
  2. How many times do you draw "daily" "weekly" "monthly" or "yearly"
  3. Are your drawings good?(answer truthfully)
  4. Have you ever been on TV, radio, or Youtube or interviews for your drawings?
  5. Hi
  6. Do you do drugs?
  7. Has any of your artwork been like a logo 4 something?
  8. Do you know a famous artist's family?
  9. Ooh fries!
  10. sup!

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Quiz topic: How good of a drawer am I?