Are you informed?

We all gather information and store it away in the dusty drawers in the back of our head every day. Some of it is useful and some of it is just accumulated debris. Let's rummage through those drawers and see what we find.

This test is extremely difficult and will perhaps humiliate a few who decide to challenge it. There are no trick questions. Please don't cheat by Googling the answers. See how well informed you really are.

Created by: John Price
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  1. Who was appointed in 2006 to the US Supreme Court?
  2. How many states in the US have the death penalty as an option for major crimes?
  3. Chevrolet made a compact, rear engine, economy car in the 1960's. What was it called?
  4. Most of the electricity generated in the US is generated with what resource?
  5. The production cost of a gallon of crude oil is what?
  6. In 1658, what was a capital crime in Boston, Massachussetts?
  7. The Gulf of Tonkin incident:
  8. Who is the CEO of Apple Computer Corporation?
  9. Who wrote "Mere Christianity"?
  10. Who wrote "The Godfather"?
  11. In which of Shakeseare' plays was a birth by cesarean section a major element in the outcome?
  12. At exactly 3:15 PM, the angle between the minute hand and the hour hand on a clock is how many degrees?
  13. Which part was NOT played by Robert Duvall?
  14. Betsy Ross was a(n):
  15. Puerto Rico is:
  16. What happened in America on September 10, 1752
  17. What US state was a kingdom prior to becoming a state?
  18. What islands did the US win in the Spanish-American War?
  19. What book begins with the quote, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
  20. Who wrote "The Faerie Queene"?

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