Would YOU be fit for a Georgia farm?

Northern cities are crowded. Can this quiz drain them? YUP!If you can live in the south, you can!So don't be shy, try to see of southern states are right for you!

Would YOU be able to stand a South Georgia farm? Only one way to find out! Time to get your backs, sorry, I mean BRAINS, working!You'll find if south Georgia is right for you!

Created by: David

  1. Which of the following do you like best?
  2. What crop would you first think of?
  3. Which one do you most commonly think of for a southern farm?
  4. Do you ever hold grain in your mouth like old-timers did?
  5. What kind of road do you live on?
  6. What do you do with your dog most of the day?
  7. How do you like this quiz so far?

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