Would you be an angel or a devil?

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Have you ever wondered if you'd be an angelor a devil? Good or bad? Do people often describe you as one or the other? If so, this is the quiz for you!

Which one would YOU be? Do you have that kind, peaceful quality of an angel? Or do you have that evil, chaotic quality of a devil? Only one way to find out... take this quiz!

Created by: Beatle Obsessed

  1. Do you prefer peace or chaos?
  2. Kindness or hatred?
  3. Are you kind or cruel to others?
  4. Do you "pull up" or "push down"?
  5. Halo or horns?
  6. Your favorite color?
  7. Help or hurt?
  8. Good or evil?
  9. Optimist or Pescimist?
  10. Would you rather be an angel or a devil?

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