Would you be a good parent?

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You always if wanted to know if you would do a good job parenting? Welcome in the right place! My name is Clarke and if you want to take more quizzes like these dont forget to visit my profile!

By answering just a few easy questions you will find out what percentage of being a good parent you have. Disclaimer: This is just a quiz for fun and nobody but you can really know what will happen in your life. Life is short and so I this quiz. Enjoy it!

Created by: Clarke
  1. Your kid falls of the swing and starts to cry. It is not injured! What do you do?
  2. Your kid turns out to be bi, trans, LTBGQ, .... How do you react?
  3. Your kid has their first boy-/girlfriend. How to you act towards the bf / gf?
  4. Your child fails in school what do you do?
  5. Your kids class celebrates that all of them got into next grade. What do you wear for the party?
  6. Your kid spends a lot of time with folks that have bad influence. What do you do?
  7. Your kid wants to join a gang. Do you support that?
  8. Where is an appropriate place to live with a family?
  9. Lets just imagine you and your kids other parents split up. How do you tell your kid(s)
  10. You end up being a grandparent earlier than you thought you would. What is your reaction?

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