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  • I got 100% natural coz i am on a tv more than anyone put togrther in my school and I cant really help its just people want me to be in their stuff. I think its pretty good but just one thing to hoever made this quiz, I have met many directors and none of them ever insulted me :) and u could of put stuff like about the set and stuff

    • Lol so ironic because I dont believe you. Youre full of it. And you made a lot spelling errors. Lol you wont do well as a writer too.

  • I like the quiz, it' exciting. I got pretty nice, hmm! Might make a good actress

    Rabeli noel
  • i enjoyed the gotoquiz stuff its really kinda exciting

    rusty nail
  • I got "pretty nice" on this quiz! This is true, and I liked this quiz!!!

  • I liked it. A lot. Well made quiz! i got pretty nice!

  • One of my friends made this so I hope you guys like what she did.


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