would you and me make good friends?

heyyas to all, im bored so im makin a quiz to spread my love for mother nature. haha jk i dont give a crap about mother nature, AND I'D POUR OIL DOWN THE SEWER ANY DAY! so yea, i just made this so make all you bored people out there NOT-BORED.

sigh. i dont wanna type all this stuff. but i guess i really have to so yea my older sister (deanna) also known as dee or dashizzle, is a beast! and when im done with this quiz, ima go chill with her.

Created by: Darcy (fa sho!)

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. OKAY. first of all.....WHAT is your favorite band out of these?
  2. mkay. wats your style out of these?
  3. mkay! WHAT is your MOST favoritest smiley outta these right hither?
  4. what song which most describe your life?
  5. what do you normally do on saturday night?
  6. describe yourself again
  7. what do you do in class?
  8. whats your favorite tv channel?
  9. whats your favorite thing in school
  10. which deadly sin are you?
  11. are you a tomboy, guy, slutty girl, or normal girl?
  12. wats your orientation?
  13. do people think ur funny?
  14. mkay, LAST OF ALL, whats your MOST FAVORITEST word/saying?
  15. hehe i lied, so what did you think of this quiz?
  16. how do you say goodbye?

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