Would we get along

This is a really long and boring rant about my suiz you can chose to leave at anytime. If you already left we would most likely never get along, but for those who are still here, we may have a chance...that sounded weird..

Hi! This is my second quiz and I like to be hyper once in a while...I'm not really this hyper in real life, but I had soda and yeah.. you get the picture ^_^

Created by: yellowbell

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  1. CHEESE!!!! :D
  3. Do you like to LAUGH?!?!
  4. do you find me annoying?
  5. If I was sad would you help me?
  6. Do you laugh at anything?
  7. ...
  8. Ok first serious question: Do you believe in loyalty to friends? No matter how dumb/stupid/loser-like they are?
  9. That question didn't even count XD
  10. Ok seriously...can you take a joke?
  11. Last one (doesn't count seriously):) will you comment or rate?

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