Would U beat me in a fight?!

There's hatred,there're arguments,but there are fights.there's also probably that one tough person u have no chance to beat in a battle.have u ever wondered why I won?or why I want to win?think again.

Would you beat me in a fight?are u strong enough to?or are you just not confident enough?if so take this quiz to find out now!if not please take.thank you

Created by: BlazeX of [no urls]
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  1. Do u workout?
  2. How many fights did u have while growing up?
  3. If u did had fought many times,did u win?
  4. A person puts u in a choke hold,how do react?
  5. Which fruit describes ur body form?
  6. I come in front of u then slap u.what will u do?
  7. There is a group if thugs robbing an elderly man,what will u do?
  8. I call u a di** sucker.what will u do?
  9. Which describes u?
  10. Okay,so here's the thing.im bored and hungry.got anything I need?
  11. WARNING:I'M STRONG!IM A W.A.N.A.(wild.animal.ninja.assassin).I GOT THE MOVES LIKE JAGGER IN FIGHTING.Do u think u can beat me in a fight?
  12. Rate and comment,please!thanks for ur time!

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