would the cullens like you

Would the cullens like you if you visited them or would they hats take the quiz and find out.

Would Rosalie like you or hate you does jasper like your emotions or not how does Edward feel about you.

Created by: liz
  1. What would you do if Alice ask you over for dinner
  2. If you were hungry how would you ask for food
  3. How would you react if carlisle offered you a book to read
  4. Would you go shopping with Alice
  5. If you fell down and emmett laughed and made fun of you.constantly how would u feel
  6. If Esme offered you to garden with her what would you do
  7. What would you do if everyone left u alone with Rosalie
  8. If you kissed Edward and he politely pushed you away and told he wasn't interested how would u react
  9. Do you like jaspef
  10. Did you like this quiz

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