Would me, my friend, or sister date you? GUYS ONLY!

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So do you wanna no who? Of course im not going to give you our name, age, etc... cause this is just for fun. If this was a true love quiz. Maybe I would.

Is it me, my friend, or sister? Who would be the one? Who are you going to like? Who seems cool? Who do you want to kiss on the lips? Please comment after this quiz.

Created by: Swaggy
  1. Friend:Brit make a haunted house. Me:*looks at you* you want me to?
  2. Me:Sommer, you remind me of a horse. Sommer:You b----.
  3. *I pick up a knife* Sister:Don't kill us. Me:I wasn't go to. Friend:Are then why do you have it? What is your respone?
  4. Me:I made you some bacon. Friend:I made you cookies. Sister:I made cake for you. Which one would you take?
  5. okay now it's one on one time.
  6. I ask you:Have you kiss a girl already? If she did. Did she like it?
  7. Friend ask you:Um.... Do you mind.... if im shy?
  8. Sister ask you:What color do you like? *I start to giggle behind a bush. and sister saw me.* Sister:I'm telling mom!
  9. Now by that. Who seems cool?
  10. Now the day is over. You have to kiss each of us. Where would you kiss us?

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