Would katsuki bakugou date you

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This quiz is about how katsuki would react to you if he at least kind of likes you. I hope you like it and I will try to make another one later so if you like it there can be another one you can try

I made this quiz for 2 reasons, #1 I was bored and #2 I could, I made it because I’m a huge simp for a lot of characters and he is one of them, I rally hope you like is. It’s a short quiz but I worked really hard on it. I’m a fifth grader and I love my hero academia and my best friend yudisleidy lead me to actually watching it so shoutout to her

Created by: Kiribakushipper
  1. Who is your class 1-A best friend
  2. Who would you like to get ( this doesn’t effect your answer)
  3. He asks you on a date, you answer with…
  4. He confesses his love to you, what would you do
  5. Now some personal questions.. what is your hair color?
  6. Gender
  7. What type of clothes do you wear
  8. Would you rather be at U.A or shiketsu
  9. Eye color
  10. Who is your bestie ( girl)

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