Would I want to be friends with you?

People make friends everywhere they go. Wether its at school or at the mall, you'll always find someone. Those important events in life my even end up givig you a life long friend.

Now what if we were to meet? Yep, me and you. What if we were to be one of those people who meet at school or at the park or at the mall, those people who become life long friends. Well this quiz will give us an idea of just that.

Created by: Unicorn84
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How old are you?
  2. Would you consider yourself rich?
  3. If you were white and I was black/if I was white and you were black, would you still want to be friends?
  4. We're friends now and we sit at the "uncool" table at school. One day, the "popular girls" invite you to sit at their table, without me. You:
  5. Your boyfriend invites you to go on a date with him. That same day a close relative of mine dies and I invite you over to help comfort me. You:
  6. What would our favorite activity to do on the weekend be?
  7. Can you braid/plait hair? Would you mind doing mine?
  8. 3 words out of these that describe you.
  9. Almost done. Would you describe yourself as judgemental? Eg. Oh wow... You have an iPhone5? Shame, I have a 6s
  10. Do you think that I'm a nice person?
  11. And the most important question: If o forgot tp do my homework, would you let me copy yours?
  12. Bye!

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