Would I party with chu?

Some people desire to party with me. This can be dangerous, but also fun as f---. Now, if you wanna party with me, you have to takr this quiz to see if its possible.

Now, go ahead, go on. Welcome to meh world. Enjoy it! Breathe it all in! Isn't it wonderful? So, time to see if you're worthy of staying here, for life.

Created by: Saratheamaze

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  1. Whats most needed in a party?
  2. Which alchohol?
  3. Dance or drink?
  4. Truth or Dare, Seven Minutes in Heaven, or Spin The Bottle?
  5. Quick! We've run out of strippers! Do you volunteer?
  6. Which is more important in a party: Lots of paint, lots of people, lots of knives for da knife song?
  7. Intoxication, paranoia, or a lot of fame? Which do you choose?
  8. Which music for dancing?
  9. Which outfit?
  10. Which makeup?
  11. Hair?

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