would i love chu? o w o..

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Could you reach my expectations? Cx I promise I'm not tat mean unless I really dislike you. I love all my well haters so don't be jelly. c: (I don't bite)

I swear I don't share mah cookies. But maybe this time I will cx you never know ^ w ^ ( you might be senpaii o w o) I love cats and cookies. Cx hehe and maybe you too

Created by: CookieChan
  1. Hellow...um would you play with me if I asked? ..
  2. Would I be able to cuddle with chu?..
  3. Um..- w - would you kiss me?
  4. I didn't really wanna ask that but eh..anyway, do you like Narwhals?
  5. Would you eat my cookies?
  6. Would you like to go on adventures with mwe? ^ w ^
  7. Would you enjoy watching Netflix with mwe?
  8. If I shared my cookies with you ( I rarely do) would you accept them?..
  9. Would you talk to me all night? Cx
  10. ^ w ^ I like cats!

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