Does he like you?

So, you wanna know if that guy you have liked for a while likes you back, huh. Well, I need to take one of these myself, don't I? Well, my fellow humans, ONWARD TO VICTORY

AAAAND hi again! So, let's talk a bit about love. I fall hard, what about you? Comment what you do! I am literally hopeless, WHAT ABOUT YOU?!?! COMMENT! hey sorry for yelling i've been watching Jacksepticeye and Pewds too much XD now onward to victory. IN THE NAME OF LOVE!!!!

Created by: miss boo
  1. Hi, let's hop into this! Has he ever touched you?
  2. Next! Does he mutter to himself a lot when around you?
  3. Onward! So, what do your friends think? 😏
  4. RP: someone in school begins to flirt violently with him and ask him out. How does he respond?
  5. Do you text?
  6. How long have you been friends/know of his existence?
  7. Why do you like him in the first place?
  8. Anything about him I should know?
  9. Only a few more then you can get rid of me ^_^ Okay, when he does text you what does he say?
  10. Has it ever felt like he would kiss you any second?
  11. Is he single?
  12. Bai frands!!! (No affect)

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