Would i go out with you? (Girls only)

if your a guy, or an emo/goth girl, get the hell out of here i dont want you here! especially a gay guy, they freak me out. Anyway, i hope you are my type good luck!

ok i not typing for here i just having fun i want to fh fhd jd jd kg maaa booo mooo kd poopoo poo wow oh my i dont like this im just taking up space..

Created by: Wokker

  1. Are you a gay guy!!!???
  2. My looks: Medium-dark skin, but it gets a little light in the winter. 5'9, 160 pounds, light brown kind of straight hair, not long, just covering the top half of my forehead, it's a nice style hair, thick.
  3. Personality: a little shy at times, fun to be with, can be pretty funny, country boy, am a little quiter in school. Have many friends, love sports, hunting, fishing and the lake
  4. What are your type?
  5. whats your hair color
  6. how many boys like you
  7. Whats your skin color
  8. Hunting for deer and other animals You think...
  9. what do you like most in a guy?
  10. whats your ideal date?
  11. comment? (no effect)

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