Which harry potter character Likes you (girls only)

This is a quiz to see which HP boy suits one of you girls. You might even have a suspicion of who it will be. But are you correct?

There are five different Harry Potter boys in the results. Answer the questions to see who likes you at Hogwarts! Hope you have fun!!!

Created by: hopp
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  1. Fred and George has walked into the hall and sat next to you at dinner. What do you do?
  2. When Oliver comes into the common room what do you do?
  3. Harry Comes up to you and says: Hey want to have a butter beer. What do you say
  4. Ron starts talking about you. You don't know what he is talking about what do you do?
  5. Draco bumps into you. What do you say?
  6. Which Boy do you like best?
  7. Do you play quidditch?
  8. What hair colour do you have?
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