Would I go into combat with you

There is a war. The end is near. You are drafted into the Army While in bootcamp, I, the leader of an elite Special Forces team, spot you and interview you for a possible spot on the team, will you make it?

I'm tough. I make no compromises, no exceptions. I need aggressive men, men with motivation. I need real men. I need loyalty. Where we'e going, there is no room for error. I need men like this, are you one?

Created by: Colonel Alex Martin

  1. Are you a team player?
  2. In bootcamp, the DI yells you to run three-miles. However, you just hiked ten, what do you do?
  3. Can you handle stress?
  4. You are ambushed, what do you do
  5. Would you leave a comrade behind?
  6. When the going gets tough...
  7. Pick a quote
  8. Do you love your country
  9. One word
  10. War...
  11. What are you

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