Would I Date You (I am female)

Looking for love or maybe a person with similar interests as you. Either way you should take this quiz! It's fun, kills time, and let's you know if you could date me or not.

But you'd probably dump me after the fourth day since I'd be like "I'm asexual" and you'd be like "Aw s---, I was really looking forward in banging you." And I'd be like "I know you want it but yo can't have it."

Created by: CakeIsBest

  1. Would you date an asexual? (Someone who feels no sexual attraction)
  2. How do you do feel about baby pythons? (I personally think they're adorable)
  3. Cuddling? Not all the time but sometimes.
  4. Are you alright with dating a cosplayer?
  5. Let's say we're hanging out and watching TV. What kind of shows would you go to?
  6. Do you like swimming?
  7. Though I can be mature there are times when I can be very childish. (Example: crying after a nightmare)
  8. What is most important to you in a girlfriend? (Having similar interests is far too obvious)
  9. Could you put up with stupid jokes?
  10. I'm not so good a decisions so you'd probably have to decide most of the things we do.

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