Which Gender should you be??

As far we know there are Only two genders on this planet; Male and Female.

Take my Quiz to Discover your true Gender, Male or Female. I have tried to keep the Stereo Typicality on a small scale so I apologise if anyone is offended. Please Enjoy :)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. The top 2 questions don't count ;)
  2. Pick your Favourite Colour
  3. Which Sport do you prefer?
  4. Favourite Type of Food?
  5. Day to Day outfit
  6. Would you rather Shop or Play sport?
  7. Do you care about the Enviroment??
  8. Do you belive the world will end in 2012?
  9. Which Gender are you attracted to?
  10. Do you acept my Apologies for the Stereo typicallity of this quiz???

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Quiz topic: Which Gender should I be??