Would I date you?(guys only)

There are a lot of guys I would like to date, but you will never know if your my type if you take this test. Warning it is honest so if your sensitive don't take it.

Are you my type? Would I date you? I don't know you haven't taken this quiz so stop reading and get to work! Go ahead and stop reading and just take it!

Created by: Countrygirlz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Would you hold my hand in front of your friends?
  2. Could I kiss you in front of your family or friends?
  3. Where would you take me on a date?
  4. Would you let me cry on your shoulder if I needed to?
  5. Would you be honest?
  6. Would you pick out a "theme" song for us?
  7. Would you dance with me in the middle of a store?
  8. Could I hug you randomly?
  9. How would you react if I got in a fist fight with someone?
  10. Would you hold me if I was mad?
  11. Comment and rate?

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