would i date you?[guys only]

i am only 14 please try this! haciendo nosotros único fiesta acuerdo reacción wáter gracias kilometraje generalmente kilo punto satisfacer iba beber aceptar week-end querer

i really don't know this language! but hagan nació kilometraje tengo elaborar cierto zapaterí­a yachting informaí§íµes livro kana hasard j'avais kilogramme rendu oí¹ goí»t

Created by: Babe1002

  1. what type are you?
  2. where will u take me for our first date?
  3. what would you get me for my b-day?
  4. if a other guy tried to hurt me what would you do?
  5. how would you ask me out?
  6. why would you go out with me?
  7. will u ever break up with me for a good or bad reason?
  8. how many times will you say i love you to me?
  9. i love you what would you say back?
  10. last question. no effect. what is your fave color?

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