Which Ravenclaw guy would you date?

Alrighty so there are quizzes about what guy in Gryffindor you would date yet no quiz for who you would date in Ravenclaw??? What the heck???!!! :( :O

So in this quiz find out who you would date whose from Ravenclaw. (two of the guys not many people know so if you get them I kinda made up some stuff)

Created by: gryffindor2012

  1. So what do you think is the best trait in a guy?
  2. Are you smart?
  3. Are you quiet?
  4. How easily do you make friends?
  5. Would other girls (besides you) like him?
  6. That mean "Let fate decide"
  7. Does he annoy people?
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. Favorite emoticon?
  10. Ok this quiz is done.

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