Would I Date You (Guys Only)

Hello, Hi Hehe I like art i draw on anything i am a single girl but i love music my dream is to become a artist or maybe a drawist or a science test but idk

See If U can ace this test and maybe because my mate ;) I well see If U can do It Good luck And have a freaking good day :) hehe sorry for the language.

Created by: anonymous
  1. Do You Like Apple Juice Better Or Orange Juice Better?
  2. What Age Are You?
  3. Do you Like Short Girls Or Tall Girls?
  4. Whats Your Race (color) Not In A Rude Way ( wont Affect Your Score( sorry If I cant write It Good)
  5. Favorite color?
  6. Do U love Mexican Food?
  7. Have You Dated Anyone Before?
  8. Whats Yours?
  9. Do U LOVE Music?
  10. Do U LOVE YOUR Parents And Yourself?
  11. What Grade are U in Or Not In school Anymore-

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