Would I Date You? (Guys AND Girls)

Ever wonder would a popular girl date me? Well if your a guy OR a girl find out at this quiz (ya...i'm bi-curious) lol (i'm 14 yrs young!!!) (lol i need 150 letters so ya)

I dont wanna write this parragraph!!!!!!!!!! >:|but i still need 150 letters so ya!!! lol abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy and z!!! Im gonna cry if i need more letters after this ;-;

Created by: Tiki

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  1. "»Do you play a sport?"» °"¢°"¢I play volleyball, football, basketball and I do cheerleading°"¢°"¢
  2. "» Hair color and Eye color "» °"¢°"¢I'm a brunette (natural blonde streaks with reddish-brown eyes "¢°"¢°
  3. "» Height "» °"¢°"¢I'm 5"2 and love taller guys//girls°"¢°"¢
  4. You in one word °"¢°"¢I'm adorable lol that's what my friend Makayla S. says°"¢°"¢
  5. ~~A day with me, what do we do~~ °"¢°"¢Lol I say we'd make out°"¢°"¢
  6. ♪How often would we see each other♪ °"¢°"¢Evryday...°"¢°"¢
  7. ***Would you mind the fact that i'm bisexual?***
  8. ... **No Effect**
  9. Rate And/Or Comment? (No Effect)
  10. Peace out homie! *No Effect*

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