would i date you?? (girls only)

i'm trying to find a good girlfriend,are you my next girlfriend? maybe you'll be my next regular friend,maybe more,maybe arch enemies, but we won't know unless you take this quiz.

What do YOU think, are you the one or not, if cross paths in the real world what would we be to each other? friends, or something else... please forgive me if my results don't please you, but i have to be truthful.

Created by: wiiwii
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. please tell me u r not a guy, right
  2. are you funny, do you get jokes, and are u kinda like the 'class clown'
  3. do guys fall for u alot
  4. do i sound attractive(be honest) 6'1 brown hair light brown skin brown hair BIG muscles chicks DIG me
  5. if u had to go for a first date where would it be
  6. do you like sports (be honest)
  7. on which date do we kiss?
  8. what do you do at the fist date
  9. do you like big time parties?
  10. last question,do u like pie

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