Would I Date You? (Boys Only)

First of all....NO GIRLS ALOUD. Their are alot of boys in this world but are you the perfect one for me? Now you can find out in this quiz! Dont worry whatever scoe you get we can still be friends!

Make sure you comment waht score you got so I can try to find the perfect guy for me! I hope you have fun and remeber to rateand look at my GTQ page for more quizzes!

Created by: JellyBely26

  1. What are your core personality traits?
  2. How old are you? (If your age isn't there you are definitely too young or old for me!)
  3. What is your favourite girls name out of these.....
  4. How many times have you talked to me on the forums?
  5. What is your favourite combination of sports for a girl out of these....
  6. Where would you take me on our first date?
  7. What genre of movie is your favourite?
  8. What is your favourite colour?
  9. Okay...now some Yes or No questions to finish off
  10. Do you like sweet foods?
  11. Do you like rock and heavy metal music?
  12. Do you enjoy athletics and running?
  13. Do you like the TV series 'The Next Step'
  14. Thanks for taking my quiz :) Make sure you post your score in the comments!

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