Would i date you boys only

Hi i wont to know if you want to date me so thats why i made this quiz so let us start ok the reson i made this test is becase i what to know who my mach is going to be and if you i would like to date you in just a few min you would find out good luck to everyone

I would like to find out who would my match be so please start the quiz and you would find out i wish everyone good luck so good luck and rember post a commet right after you took this quiz good luke everyone agian bybbyybybbbyyyybyybyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Created by: bella7513

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where would you take me in a date
  2. what would you do on a frist date
  3. What is your fav color
  4. How old are you
  5. What is your hair color
  6. Do you love me
  7. Are you skinny
  8. Are cute or hot
  9. Do you like me quiz
  10. Are ready to see you score

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